Transaxle Rebuilding & Mods


Transaxle rebuilds:  Mendeola Transaxles offers its' rebuild services for all Mendeola model gearboxes.  We have over 40 years of racing experience behind us to make the critical decisions to make your trans a 'winner'.  Whether it is Glamis or Dakar, or Sonoma!


All rebuilds include complete magnetic particle inspection of all components.  This step is an absolute must to insure that your Mendeola Transaxle is 100% at its' best.

Your unit will be completely torn down, jet cleaned and magnafluxed (magnetic particle inspection).

Powertrain actively services Mendeola model transaxles only!

Magnaflux services available for most components.



Transmission rebuilds include magnaflux and labor only.

Parts not included

SDR5                $750.00

S5R                   $750.00

S5-LSR              $950.00